Outsourcing your bookkeeping makes your company stronger


The perfect solution for any company that wants to invest more time in doing business than in accounting, is called ACCO Accountants. In practice, this means that we process periodically your bookkeeping and we report monthly or quarterly the numbers of your business.

If desired, you can also enter a part of your bookkeeping in our cloud accounting Exact Online yourself. After the end of the financial year we take care of the draft and filing of the financial statement, as well as the preparation of the reports following the annual meeting. Needless to say, we offer eveything you expect and a lot more. For example ; simulations of your advance payments, a risk management plan of your business or an outline of the least taxable way for your company.

An efficient service, which is provided by the same people involved year after year.

  • Supporting the administrative management of partnerships and sole proprietorships
  • Conducting accounting
  • Guidance if you wish to perform daily accounting tasks
  • Developing a fully integrated and customized cost accounting
  • Developing and monitoring cost pricing systems
  • Reporting of revenues and expenses per month or per quarter
  • Preparation of both intermediate and end balance sheets
  • Preparation and filing of financial statements (statutory and consolidated)
  • Establish an audit report by dissolution of a partnership or by conversion of a corporation into another legal form