General Terms and Conditions

Below you find the General Terms and Conditions of Acco Accountants.

  1. Save for any derogation expressly accepted in writing, only the present General Terms and Conditions apply to the relationship ACCO - customer (incl. the principal), to the exclusion of all other general and special Terms and Conditions. The client expressly acknowledges having taken cognizance of these Terms and Conditions and having accepted the same.  
  2. The periods of delivery and execution indicated by ACCO, shall be construed as indicative and are in no way binding. The client will not dispose of any claim, on any account, in case the indicated period is exceeded and this irrespective of the cause. The client has to provide ACCO with all information and documents ACCO, at its sole discretion, may need to perform the task correctly, in time and in the form requested. ACCO has the right to suspend the execution of its tasks until the requirements as mentioned in 2, 2nd paragraph are met. In case, due to late provision of information, documents, …. by the client, ACCO files certain documents, declarations after the legally or otherwise required period, this shall be at the charge of the client only. Under no circumstances ACCO shall be liable for compensation of the damage suffered.  
  3. Complaints about services that have been rendered and/or invoicing shall reach ACCO, under penalty of inadmissibility, by well-founded registered letter, within 15 days from the service rendered or the date of the invoice. Complaints shall not result in suspension of the payment obligation of the client.  
  4. ACCO is not liable for its errors, including serious errors. ACCO has the right to have carried out some works by a third party. ACCO is not liable for the intention and the errors - including serious errors - committed by its agents and mandataries (including the employees). ACCO is not liable in case of force majeur, such as war, fire, circumstances beyond one's control, failure of the electronic system, the internet connection and other circumstances, to be understood in the broadest sense of the word.  In such case, the obligations of ACCO remain suspended. In any case, the liability of ACCO, contractual and/or non-contractual, is limited to the amount due for the execution of the disputed service, with a maximum of 5.000,00 EUR .  
  5. Unless differently agreed upon, all invoices are to be paid in cash at the address of the registered office of ACCO. In case of non-payment in due time of an invoice, an interest of 10% per year, ipso jure and without prior formal notice, is due and the amount of the invoice, ipso jure and without prior formal notice, is increased by a lump sum equal to 10% of the outstanding invoice amount, with a minimum of 50.00 EUR. In case of late payment, all other sums due, even if they are not expired yet, are immediately due and payable and this irrespective of previously granted payment facilities. Possible late payments do not result in a recalculation of the lump sum due. Partial payments are first allocated to the payment of the interests, indemnification compensation and any costs. Setoff and settlement by the client of invoices and/or amounts due to ACCO, against invoices and/or amounts due by ACCO to the client, is only accepted after explicit written approval by ACCO. In case of late payment, ACCO has the right to suspend its further services to be rendered.  
  6. The nullity of a clause shall not affect the validity of the other clauses.  
  7. The relationship between the parties is exclusively governed by Belgian law. In the event of any dispute, only the courts of Antwerp, where appropriate the justice of the peace of the seventh Canton of Antwerp, shall have jurisdiction.