Established in 1985 and increasingly grown over the years, the Acco Group now employs three full-fledged branches: Antwerp, Mechelen and Kempen.

Acco Antwerpen

Prins Boudewijnlaan 177 - 179
2610 - Antwerpen (Wilrijk)
+32 3 448 00 55

Antwerp is the cradle of Acco Accountants, founded in 1985 by Cyriel Cornelis and over the years grown into a driven and young organization.

Acco Kempen

Atealaan 1A
2270 - Herenthout
+32 14 48 02 57

Given the growing number of customers and the importance of this region, it seemed logical to centrally set up in January 2013 a new office in Antwerp (province). Therefore we are not only more accessible for current clients, but we can also expand our accounting and tax services to new customers in this dynamic entrepreneurial region.

Acco Mechelen

Battelsesteenweg 445 E
2800 - Mechelen
+32 15 28 76 65

Our location in Mechelen forms an integral part of ACCO Accountants since April 2014. Under the name of ACCO Mechelen, Yannick Deprey and his team will provide the trusted service of ACCO Accountants to the clientele in the region of Mechelen.